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About School of Life – School of Life
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About School of Life

School of Life is a charity initiative raising funds for people born with disabilities, specifically cerebral palsy, from members of the Witcher School community.

All funds raised will go to a Polish non-profit organisation, based in Poznan, Poland – The Cranberry Association.

If you can, please donate and support our cause!

How this came to be: The Wish

You may not know this, but 5 Żywiołów, the firm creating Witcher School for you, works with paid staff and volunteers.

Staff get paid for helping out as NPCs, script writers, costume designers and more.

Volunteers get to make a wish. The School of Life was born from a wish made by Łukasz Garczewski (who you know as Master Lennart). Łukasz is vice-president of the Cranberry Association and wanted to connect these two worlds in his life.

What the future may bring: Other Worlds

The Witcher School community has a tendency to blow our collective minds. Your passion and openness is amazing.

If this idea is met with your interest, we’ll be expanding this event to cover other types of disabilities and perhaps other LARP communities, too.

So your donation is a vote for the continued growth of this somewhat crazy little wish.

The story behind the name: School of Life

The name is a play on “Witcher School”, but its also a phrase we use in Polish. “Szkoła życia” (eng. “school of life”) means all the hard lessons we get as we go through life. In this sense it represents the hardships of being born with a disability, and hints back to the analogy to the surprise child concept mentioned in the intro movie.

The English equivalent seems to be “School of Hard Knocks”. We liked “School of Life” better, though. Has a much more positive ring to it, doesn’t it?